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Light Painting The Still Life (Foundation Course)

Get instant access to this video course and learn how to create extraordinary photographs using the “Harold Ross Method”

What you'll get:

  • Comprehensive Self-Guided Online Video Course
  • Over 40 Information-Packed Videos 
  • CC subtitles in 5 languages
  • My Photoshop Plugin Panel (Simplified Workflow)
  • Lighting and Masking Exercise Files
  • 25% off of my Lighting Tools (up to 1 complete set) 
  • Regular Private Group Zoom Meetings*
  • Join our free Website Community to connect with other students (and me!)

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What People Are Saying:

I should tell you that your course is the best I’ve taken. I’ve been a subscriber to quite a few other well-known training sites… but have found that most of the instructors aren’t skilled teachers. They’ll walk you through their workflow with examples and powerpoints and stunning images — but they’re not really teaching. I would have loved to have taken your course in person, but I know I’ll benefit from reviewing lessons over time. So thanks!

Rebecca Wilson

This is an excellent course. The videos are clear and easy to follow. Beautifully put together and I am finding that they contain more information and instruction than the original course that I took directly with Harold. It took Harold over 30 years to fully develop this technique, and years to make all the videos and put this course together. I think it is very well-priced when you consider the hundreds of hours of work that has gone into it. If you then consider the utility that the course affords people who want to learn these skills, the price is worth every penny. Until I discovered light painting I never fully found expression in photography.

Daniel Remer

When I reflect on my prior experience from three years ago, wherein I expended more than two times this figure for a one-on-one workshop with Harold, this recent investment truly stands out as a prudent decision to learn his technique. I remain profoundly impressed by his expertise. I remember from art history that Leonardo Da Vinci would repeatedly sketch hands, faces, human anatomy, and various objects a hundred times before tackling his masterpieces. Harold made me follow a similar methodical practice during my one-on-one workshop. He told me that achieving mastery in a technique necessitates a well-structured workflow, and Harold equipped me with precisely that, guiding me on the path to mastering the Sculpting w/ Light technique, and to put a price tag on that would be impossible.

Allan Mendez

I have to tell you I am totally blown away by this course and am in awe of your ability to break down complex details into such easily absorbed concepts. I really appreciate the path you laid out from beginning to end where I can constantly dip in and out to refresh and reconnect to different aspects of the craft and continually refine my skills in every respect. I also love the constant little recaps you give during the lesson. The panel is so great too. It just helps keep you in the creative flow through the entire process. There's nothing quite like an "Automated Harold" walking us through with clear-headed reason and clarity. I feel sure I speak for others who have taken your in-person and online courses that this is such a treasured gift and one we'll be immersed in and reference constantly. I really love the way all of the precision, detail, and technical aspects you teach in the course are in service to beauty and art, not just some means of technical perfection. You make that so clear. That speaks to my heart. I'm still processing all the positive effects it will have on my workflow and the continued development of my craft. Honestly, it's like being given the keys to the kingdom!

Mark Hutto