Light Painting Workshop Refund Policy

We cannot offer refunds on digitally accessible material; however, you will have the opportunity to participate in an optional Monthly Group Zoom Meeting*, during which you can ask questions of me and get feedback on your work and progress! 

* While expected to continue in perpetuity, the regular Zoom Meetings are subject to change or end at any time. We will make every effort to have them on a monthly basis!

The methods I teach, although codified by me in order to make them simple to understand, still require a commitment of time, as well as the willingness to engage in the practice exercises.

Studio work requires making photographs, not taking them. My methods do not involve “tricks” or other “push-button” solutions, and producing beautiful images does not, for me, involve instant gratification.

Please make sure that you are willing to dedicate some time to learning this powerful and transformative process.

Student Testimonials

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