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Learn Light Painting
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For over 30 years, Harold has been using and perfecting light painting as his only method of creating images. When digital photography arrived, he adapted techniques from film photography and developed this process for greater creative control.

Harold's award-winning work has been collected and published worldwide.

As the originator of this process, which he thinks of as “sculpting” with light, Harold knows the nuances like no one else.

Harold has a comprehensive understanding of light, composition, and post-production methods, which allows him to effectively impart this powerful and transformative process to his students.

This online course is a series of over 30 detailed videos and other materials designed to teach you the art of making beautiful photographs using the “Harold Ross Method”.

Light Painting Foundation Course By Harold Ross
Light Painting Foundation Course By Harold Ross
Light Painting Foundation Course By Harold Ross
Light Painting Foundation Course By Harold Ross
Light Painting Foundation Course By Harold Ross
Light Painting Foundation Course By Harold Ross
Light Painting Foundation Course By Harold Ross
Light Painting Foundation Course By Harold Ross

Why should you consider learning my powerful image-making process?


All The Information You’ll Need To Create Extraordinary Still Life Photographs

Learn At Your Own Pace

Watch the videos at your own pace and in your own time.

Easy To Follow Videos

High definition videos with easy to follow steps and instructions.

See and Feel The Light

Watch and learn from Harold as he teaches the art of light painting

The methods I teach, although codified by me in order to make them simple to understand, still require a commitment of time, as well as the willingness to engage in the practice exercises. Also, please try to follow the recommendations I've spent over 30 years developing.

In my opinion, studio work requires “making" photographs, not “taking” them. My methods do not involve “tricks” or other “instant” solutions, and for me, making beautiful images does not involve instant gratification. It takes time and practice. 

There are over 30 videos; please make sure that you are willing to dedicate time to learning this powerful and transformative process.

I learned long ago that knowledge and technique are much more important and valuable than any piece of equipment.

The cost may sound like a lot of money to invest, but the training you gain from it will stay with you for your lifetime.

(Over time, I will be updating videos and adding new videos, which will be available in your Foundation Course Library)

My New Photoshop Plugin V 2.0

Designed by Harold to speed up and simplify the Photoshop
post-processing while keeping you on track.

Compatible with MAC
Compatible with Windows
Requires Photoshop 24 or newer
(Image is representative...buttons on the actual panel are more descriptive of their function than what you see here)

Light Painting Photoshop Plugin By Harold Ross

A Partial List Of What You Will Learn From Harold In This Light Painting Course

  • Proper distance, angle and motion of light
  • Exposure Evaluation in Light Painting (we can't use the Histogram)
  • 4 Steps to Managing Depth-of-Field in the studio
  • How to test for Diffraction with your lens
  • Best lens choice for studio work and why
  • Making the camera perfectly plumb (not level)
  • Where to stand when Light Painting a Still Life (and why)
  • Tethered Shooting with Capture One (you may use Lightroom for
    tethering, but the course is taught using Capture One, a superior
    method (Capture One has a 30 day free trial)
  • Simple use of Adjustment Layers in Capture One
  • Pre-sharpening Harold’s way
  • Harold's approach to Composition 
  • Masking for Dimension (Harold’s “positive” method, with exercises)
  • Avoiding the pitfalls of Visual Accommodation
  • Understanding the psychology of our perception of light
  • Best practices with a pen tablet to avoid frustration
  • Use of only two simple Adjustment Layers
  • 5 reasons why Grouping is so powerful (don’t worry, it’s simple)
  • The use of only two simple Blending Modes
  • Creation of a “Print Master” file 
  • Setting White and Black Points
  • Simple and very effective Final Sharpening in Photoshop
  • Simple and efficient Retouching methodology
  • Pre-visualize Crop in Photoshop (without actually cropping)

A few words from some of my students

I asked a few of my workshop students to thoroughly review the Foundation Course, and to give me their feedback. Here is what they had to say:

Bob Hawkins

"The live footage and illustrations are very useful. There are dozens and dozens of them! It is quite apparent that, by prior experience, you have anticipated and addressed numerous “sticking points” that would otherwise perplex and frustrate the first-time student. “Correct Body Position” is only one of many examples that I can think of. The carefully done illustrations, showing the positioning of elements in the shooting phase are marvelous! The same is true of the illustrations showing various shapes and how to mask them. The fact that you demonstrated masks in real-time is extraordinarily ingenious! The overlaid text used to introduce and reinforce concepts is a terrific addition. Repetition is quite useful at driving home the important points."

Bill Currier

"WOW! It was absolutely the best photography training video series I have ever seen. Harold is a very unique individual. He has the artistic excellence, but his teaching ability is off the charts. That makes for a very rare combination, indeed! The amount of training/information, the professionalism displayed and the manner in which he presents the information and examples is simply wonderful. I loved it and I will be spending many hours devouring his lessons and techniques for a long time. The dashboard is so useful and well designed. I have taken a lot of workshops and have tutored under many photographers. The training was good for sure, but the materials for follow-up are not on the same planet as Harold's."

Curt Steyers

"I think the course an excellent piece of work and will be extremely valuable to anyone who wants to try to master the basic concepts, techniques and workflow you employ in order to create their own light painted images. It is comprehensive and yet quite detailed. I found the Composition, Focus Point, Body Position, Lighting Techniques, Post Processing, and Print Master File sections especially well done. I think this video series is very valuable. It contains and explains all that you need to know to get started and offers the advantage that the owner can watch it over and over again, pause and stop to think about it, rewatch to be sure you get it right etc."

Jennifer Gershon

"Wow! This is so comprehensive. I don't think you've missed a thing. If I were to give anyone starting this process any advice, having done the course, I would just say to give it time to breathe. I think it's important to be patient as you're working through all of the steps. I see this as a course where someone would repeatedly go through specific modules. It's definitely not a watch it once and you know what you're doing sort of thing, and that's good! Those who make the investment will put in the time and appreciate the wealth of information.”

Wayne Jeschke

“The course is very well done! Naturally, this was no surprise, but I thought it worth saying. Even though there is nothing like being at your studio and having you personally guide one through the making of their own photographic light painting, this is a great alternative for those who can’t do that. There are also considerable savings to be had in not having to travel. I am very grateful to have it as a resource going forward that I can refer to. There is an advantage to going at your own pace and also being able to view things over again.”

Steve Jimenez

"As a whole, the series is very well organized and left me with no questions about the lighting process. After watching the last video, even though I am currently too busy at work to do much light painting, it made me want to drop what I was doing and start light painting immediately, which was amazing! Overall, I give the course a double thumbs up!!! I revisited the modules often over the past few days, and going back to the well-organized structure and flow of the lessons made me feel the value of owning a course that I can use for years to come. Videos are detailed, organized, and thorough. The course was put together so well, all I have are words of praise. Amazing job, Harold!!!"

Advanced Editing Techniques

Anyone who purchases the Foundation Course will be eligible to buy any of the Advanced Videos, available individually at a low cost.

These advanced technique videos have been designed to help you perfect some of the finer nuances during the editing process. Over time, more of these Advanced Videos shall be made available.

Rendering Fabric

Available to purchase for only those who have bought the Foundation Course.

Background With Overlay

Available to purchase for only those who have bought the Foundation Course.

Light Painting The Still Life
Online Foundation Course

  • Comprehensive Self-Guided Online Video Course (over 30 Videos)
  • My Photoshop Plugin Panel (Simplified Workflow)
  • Lighting and Masking Exercise Files
  • 25% off of my Lighting Tools (up to 1 complete set)
  • Regular Private Group Zoom Meetings *

* While expected to continue in perpetuity, the regular Zoom Meetings are subject to change or end at any time. However, as a student of my Foundation Course, you are entitled to at least 5 Group Zoom Meetings. However, I hope to see you for more than that!

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