My Light Painting Photoshop Plugin Upgrade

Apr 11, 2024

My Light Painting Photoshop Panel

Brass Block and Marble by Harold Ross

We are very excited to announce a great new update to our Light Painting Photoshop Plugin Panel, available to my Foundation Course Students. As you know, the panel not only speeds up the light painting workflow, but it also keeps us on track and organized. It serves as a workflow guide as we use it.

This aspect of the panel has just gotten better!

Ian has embedded a series of tutorials directly into the panel! These short and concise tutorials are now instantly accessible through the panel itself! Current Foundation Course students… the panel will automatically update when you next open Photoshop.

Additionally, just like all of the videos in the Foundation Course, these panel tutorial videos have closed captioning in five languages.

Please watch the 2.5 minute video below to see how it works.

If you are interested in creating beautiful light painted images using my methods, which are taught in my Foundation Course (with over 40 training videos, and our Photoshop Plug-in Panel and other learning materials), click below (there is an informative video on the page, and make sure to scroll):

If you're new to my website, be sure to check out my previous blog posts, as well as the "My Light Painting Tools" section on the website, which addresses the advantages about Light Painting and my Six Principles Of Light as they relate to Light Painting.

Happy Light Painting... and always remember... Skim The Light!


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