Light Painting - Lathe Countershaft

Sep 14, 2023

"Lathe Countershaft" by Harold Ross


As many of you know, I love vintage tools and machinery. Recently, my friend Zach Gillenwater, who is a very knowledgeable collector and restorer of vintage tools, re-assembled this German lathe countershaft. I asked him if I could photograph it, and he obliged!

Not only that, but Zach decided to give me this piece for my collection! Thank you so much, Zach! It is so generous of you to part with such a beautiful industrial object. It will be treasured.

Also, below are some vintage catalogue drawings showing a similar one’s use.

Zach also gave me some important details:
• Countershaft for precision lathes used by jewelers, clockmakers and watch makers.
• Unmarked, but likely a Lorch Schmidt & Co. from Germany, company in operation 1885-1976.
• The fixed pulley on the countershaft’s left side is paired with a motor pulley with a belt. The stepped pulley on the countershaft’s right side is paired with a corresponding stepped pulley on the lathe with another belt, giving the user the ability to adjust speeds without the use of a variable speed motor.

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