Light Painting My Grandfather’s Knife

Apr 20, 2024

Light Painting My Grandfather’s Knife

My Grandfather’s Knife by Harold Ross

Why does Light Painting work?

Light Painting affords us the ability to reveal and enhance the depth, dimension, and detail of our subjects.

This can only happen if applying the light correctly, while making sure that we skim the light from the proper angle and distance and that we use the proper motion to soften it.

We are basically using a small light source to take advantage of its specific properties, but we are making it look soft and beautiful, much like a large light source. The only way this can be done is through the proper movement of the light, only accomplished with Light Painting.

Light Painting can help us share meaningful subjects in a unique way.

This 100-year-old knife with a bone handle and weathered blade, once owned by my grandfather, is brought to life through the art of Light Painting.

One of the things I absolutely love about light painting still life is that I can photograph objects that have special meaning to me, and the proper use of Light Painting can reveal a subject's essence and possibly even its spirit.

When you combine the effectiveness of my sculptural masking methods with this incredibly descriptive lighting, which I teach during my self guided online light painting workshop, the outcome can be truly remarkable!

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