Baby Rolleiflex

Aug 01, 2023

"Baby Rollei" by Harold Ross


Baby Rolleiflex, aka the “Gray Baby”

The “Baby” Rolleiflex was produced in gray between the years of 1957 and 1963. From 1963 until the end of production in 1968, the camera was made only in Black.

The 4x4cm camera , along with its 60mm Schneider Xenar lens, was largely responsible for the popularity of the “Super Slide”. In a time when most amateur photographers were shooting slides for projection, the super slide used a mount that was the same dimensions as a 35mm slide, but with increased resolution.

The Baby Rollei inspired other camera makers to create similar offerings, the Yashica 44 being one of the most well known.

I am fortunate to own two Rolleiflex cameras, a 1952 6x6 (which makes me long for the days of film in many ways) and this adorable little pre-1963 Gray Baby Rollei. 

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