Can You Do Light Painting In A Small Space?

May 28, 2024

I often get asked by students (or by attendees of a presentation that I'm giving) whether their shooting space is large enough. I typically recommend that a space of 4' x 5' or so is the minimum that you would need, and Light Painting a Still Life is completely do-able in that small space! That said, this typically means that we would create still lifes of smaller subjects… I know; that seems obvious, but I created a short 3 minute video to touch on this topic. The video is based around the shooting of the image below, which was shot within a 4' x 5' space. The subjects were all lit with my Diffused Flashlight, the Background was lit with the LED panel, and the Fill Light was lit with my Light Wand. The small size of the lighting tools is a benefit in a small space, but I use the same tools with larger subjects as well!

Happy Light Painting, and always remember... Skim The Light. - Harold



"Still Life with Screwdriver, Tape Measure and Level" by Harold Ross

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